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It’s time to make web apps work for you. With PixieBrix, you can quickly and easily create your own mods and integrations to make your online experience better than ever.
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PixieBrix + You =  Your ideal user experience

Whether you want to improve your own productivity and work experience or create customized workflows for teams or even entire organizations, PixieBrix gives you the versatility and limitless possibilities to build what you need.
Personal customization
Create for yourself. Gain new skills in mods development. Find new possibilities, and exchange ideas with our developer community.
Team scale up
Rollout custom web app experiences to your team to drive efficiency and better outcomes. Hero time!
Boost automation
Add new ways to use and benefit from automation. Trigger RPA from more places, reduce errors, and save steps.

Claim your own UX

For too long, we’ve had to accept having no control over how we work with web applications and the walled gardens between them. PixieBrix gives you the power to change that now. The sky’s the limit!
Real-time editing

Use our powerful-yet-simple Page Editor to create and share bricks that add new UX elements such as panels, buttons, and menu items. See changes instantly.

Update across apps

Seamlessly connect the apps you already use (Jira, Slack, Google Sheets and more) and RPA. Integrate apps that lack an API or app store, including enterprise intranets.

Community minded

We value our developer community and prioritize exchanging knowledge, releasing frequently, and communicating openly.


Use our built-in telemetry to monitor usage and errors, which comes in handy when scaling to team usage.


Explore and activate functionality made by the PixieBrix developer community. Leverage shared content in our Marketplace.

Open source

Our browser extension is available open source on GitHub under the Affero GNU General Public License v3.

"I love what PixieBrix can do. My custom-built solutions are fun to make, and I get a twang of satisfaction every time. It’s upped my productivity big time."

— Moss Stern
Technical Writer, AlgoSec

Popular PixieBrix browser customizations

Here are some common ways developers use PixieBrix to elevate their user experience. What will you build?
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Send selected data to another system
Add an action button or QuickBar to send “escalation” data to another app or to “Tweet from anywhere.”
Perform a lookup and transformation from another system
Search for market pricing and apply a currency conversion within the page.
Trigger a new templated message
Select from pre-scripted messages, and add in a custom note to send to another app.
Add process guardrails
Trigger an alert or notification to confirm, or flag a process step to improve compliance.
Include real-time charts in a sidebar
Add dynamic data visualization to a sales, CRM, or marketing app page.
Trigger automation workflows
Add in new actions that can manually trigger an RPA agent for “attended automation.”

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