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Fetch trusted, relevant information from your knowledge base, shared drive, or other internal resource. Answer questions more reliably and with greater ease. Wow every customer!
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Search from any app in the flow of work
Search without navigating away to a different tab. Whether you’re working in Zendesk, Gmail, or any website, highlight a question or type a search term, and get fast results without switching context.
Connect to any data source
No matter where your knowledge lives, PixieBrix can be configured to search it. Make better use of your existing apps including Confluence, Notion, Zendesk, Google Drive, and more.
Better accuracy, blazing fast speed
PixieBrix supports different methods of searching with artificial intelligence, including blazing fast vector searches with highly accurate results.

Endless possibilities

PixieBrix is a powerful platform to enhance your existing apps and workflows.
Display content in many formats

Search results can be displayed in many formats, including rich text, links, images, videos, and more! PixieBrix supports markdown and HTML to suit your required look and feel.

Automatically suggest resources based on live email and chat

PixieBrix can listen for live questions in any web based email or chat app and automatically suggest relevant articles and content.

Permission-aware search results

Use your existing permissions to control what content users have permission to see. Searching is secure by design.

Plug and play

PixieBrix can integrate with any LLM via API as long as the LLM is accessible to the user's browser or the PixieBrix API gateway.

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