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Why embed RPA with PixieBrix

Endless Customization
Build UI elements such as buttons, context menus, information panels, triggers, and more to interact with RPA in any web browser. Combine these with actions for light-weight attended automation or augmentation.
One-Click Deployments
Effective RPA management. Monitor deployments across teams and view usage to see what’s driving team effectiveness. Enrich any webpage with external context through 3rd-party services, AI, etc.
Build Fast
Go from idea to automation in minutes with our prebuilt template. Rapidly build generative AI features to embed RPA on any webpage and deliver results in the sidebar.

Smart Bookmarks use cases

Customer Support
Reduce average handle time (AHT) by showing queue item status in the PixieBrix Sidebar. Allow customer service agents to answer questions related to order status without ever navigating away from their service console.
Customer Experience
Repetitive data entry is especially prevalent for Customer Experience (CX) teams in travel and hospitality who deal with a fragmented landscape of hotel, travel, and customer data. If agents could collect all data in one form, it would drive down AHT and increase customer satisfaction.
Let’s say your marketing team developed an internal style guide in Microsoft Word. As your team produces new content, they’ll need to reference the style guide frequently. Making it easy to run custom searches on demand with RPA would enable the marketing team to produce content that complies with guidelines more efficiently.
Levi Barbosa
Talent Operations

PixieBrix is a groundbreaking extension that has made my workflow far more efficient. I cannot recommend it enough for anyone seeking to optimize their time and productivity.

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