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PixieBrix increases the benefit and reach of digital transformation and robotic process automation (RPA) investments by providing the fast, lightweight customizations and integrations you need.
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Automation and integration partners

We provide incredible versatility in the customizations and integration mods you can build, to drive more efficiency through attended automation.
Run Automation Anywhere bots and AARI (robotic interface) requests with context from the page using PixieBrix.
Run UiPath processes with context from the page with our UiPath Automation Cloud and Assistant integrations.
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Trigger actions in thousands of applications with flexible PixieBrix integration that pushes data to Zapier.
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Accelerate automation with PixieBrix

There are many possibilities for PixieBrix to elevate automation capabilities for teams and organizations. These real-world examples just scratch the surface of what you can do with our versatile customizations combined with RPA.
Escalate or expedite

Send selected CRM data with tags and your agent’s notes to a UiPath queue.

Update across apps

Pull a customer record, update info, and start an RPA process to update the information in multiple places.

Shortcut lookups

Extract account ID from a helpdesk app and use RPA to fetch the account balance from your existing financial system.

Add sidebars, quickbars

For the most used web pages, add an option menu to select and start an automated workflow.

Embed RPA stats

Make live RPA metrics visible, such as by adding to a Salesforce object in the Salesforce Service Console.

Navigate faster

Find related items across apps or jump from views in different development environments.

“True magic happens when you bring together two great technologies. Centelli partners with UiPath and PixieBrix to deliver seamless, intelligent automation.”

— Rajan Gupta
Principal, Centelli

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