Flexible, easy integrations

By enabling browser integrations, you can customize and automate any process to improve productivity, efficiency, and quality of work.
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Super-powered extensibility

Say goodbye to the inefficiency of navigating between walled-off, web-based systems. Create, configure, and combine bricks to build integrations, shortcuts, process guardrails, and workflow automations suited to how you work.
Link apps
Access SaaS, proprietary web apps, third-party websites, web services, and APIs. Integrate applications that lack an API or app store.
Extend RPA
Create more opportunities to trigger Robotic Process Automation (RPA) workflows by adding attended automation.
Customize UX
Build what you need in your browser interface to access and link multiple web-based systems, to reduce clicks, errors, and frustration.

Automation and integration partners

We provide incredible versatility in the customizations and integration extensions you can build, to drive more efficiency through attended automation.
Run Automation Anywhere bots and AARI (robotic interface) requests with context from the page using PixieBrix.
Run UiPath processes with context from the page with our UiPath Automation Cloud and Assistant integrations.
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Trigger actions in thousands of applications with flexible PixieBrix integration that pushes data to Zapier.
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Frequently used integrations

Developers and teams can quickly create customized integrations for their needs. While the sky’s the limit on what you can do, here are web apps and websites frequently found in use cases today:
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“I wouldn't be surprised if 5 years from now, it's commonplace to head to the PixieBrix Marketplace for value-add extensions that enrich the user experience on common web applications.”

— Micah Smith
Developer Evangelist, Automation Anywhere

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