This tutorial walks you through activating the PixieBrix Browser Alerts mod, and adding a Google Sheet to customize with your own notifications.

Activate the Notices Template

Click the button to activate!

Click Ok at the bottom of the sidebar, and then select the Notices/Announcements tab to view notifications.

Notice a list of preset notices, with the ability to mark as read or to read more. Notices can be customized with markdown formatting so you can style them to your liking. You can also specify pinned notifications that will persist at the top of the sidebar.

Customize with your own notices

To display your own notices in the sidebar, you'll need a Google Sheet with your notices specified as rows.

Prep your Google Sheet

It's easiest to copy our Google Sheet template to your Google Drive, and then customize the text inside there.

Each row is a notice.

The first column specifies if a notice is active or not (or pinned, which means it will always show at the top, even if marked as read).

The Title and Description columns hold the content of the notice. The URL column is an optional field to provide a link for reading more.

The Groups column allow you to specify which groups should view a notification. (Learn more about assigning groups.)

Finally, the Require Acknowledgement column lets you specify is a notice needs to be acknowledged or not, allowing you to track who has read and acknowledged it from a PixieBrix database.

Click image to view enlarged

⛔ Do not edit:

  • any headers in Row 1
  • tab title (Notices)
🚨🚨🚨 Editing any of the bulleted items above will break the template and require customization inside the Page Editor to fix.

Reactivate by clicking Add your own notices in the sidebar

Once you've prepped your spreadsheet, click the button below the decision tree to Add your own notices from a Google Sheet.

The sidebar will display configuration options. Start by choosing a Google Drive integration. Select one from the dropdown, or click Configure if you haven't created one yet.

A pop-up will appear, asking you to select a Google account. Choose the account where you copied the spreadsheet.

Click the dropdown of the Spreadsheet field and select the spreadsheet you customized above.

The Acknowledgement Database should be preset. Leave it as is.

Click Finish Activating at the bottom of the sidebar, then Ok to go back to your notices and click the Refresh Notices button to view your notices from your Google Sheet.

Have questions or need help? Click the purple chat icon at the bottom left of this page, or reach out to [email protected].

Use this template to create a decision tree.

Step 1/7

Step 1

Activate The Template
Step 2/7

Step 2

Configure Your Template
Copy The Existing Google Sheet
Step 3/7

Step 3

Build Your Decision Tree Using Google Sheets
Step 4/7

Step 4

Once Sheet Is Filled, Return To Template And Finish Activating
*Ensure you have selected your spreadsheet from the dropdown
Step 5/7

Step 5

Your Decision Tree Is Ready, Click Ok to Begin Using
Your Decision Tree Is Ready, Click Ok to Begin Using
Step 6/7

Step 6

Click "Start Decision Tree"
Step 7/7

You're All Set!

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