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Enhanced employee productivity
Employees can quickly find the information they need and take immediate action based on their discoveries. Allocate more time to strategic tasks that directly support the company's growth and success.
40% higher agent productivity
Provide the most relevant and accurate information, allowing agents to make informed decisions and efficiently address customer inquiries.
Foster trust with employees and customers
Facilitate quicker responses to inquiries, demonstrating a commitment to efficiency and transparency in decision-making processes.
Customer Support
CS teams face a breadth of customer inquiries under time pressure and stress, while manually searching for help articles (if one exists) eats up valuable time and energy. Build a knowledge base with PixieBrix to surface the most relevant content wherever your teams work.
HR & People
Build an LLM and semantic search engine for HR-relevant info, including training materials, documentation, video tutorials, and best practices. Improved communication, more efficient onboarding, and more productive new hires.
IT Help Desk
Reduce the back and forth between your IT team and employees across the globe with a knowledge base dedicated to IT-related issues and troubleshooting. Teach employees how to set up an email, overcome common software issues, or configure new hardware. Build recommended systems with ease.

Why build Knowledge Bases with PixieBrix

Embed Anywhere
Build a knowledge base with PixieBrix to function as your sole source of truth, making FAQs available at your team’s fingertips wherever they work. No more opening new tabs to search for documentation—your team can access on demand.
Work With Any AI API
Build an open source knowledge base to streamline team processes and ensure brand continuity. PixieBrix lets you build AI search engines with ease.
Build Fast
Go from idea to automation in minutes with our prebuilt template for recommended systems. Rapidly build generative AI features to suggest responses, help articles, troubleshooting tips, and more.
Levi Barbosa
Talent Operations

PixieBrix is a groundbreaking extension that has made my workflow far more efficient. I cannot recommend it enough for anyone seeking to optimize their time and productivity.

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