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What business problem(s) did your organization or project face?

We’re partnered with a large insurance company that has offices in more than 50 countries, more than 3,000 employees, and $2B in annual revenue. Around 70% of our work is done on our partner’s intranet. This platform was not developed by our team, and we have no ability to implement changes. All we can do is put in change requests, which is a lengthy process if they’re considered at all. With a technology like PixieBrix, we’re able to add a layer over the intranet and fully customize it.

Why did you choose an automation platform to help you solve it?

Some tasks are not done because they are too tedious, even though they are very simple. Automation makes it possible to complete such tasks in the blink of an eye. And with a solution like PixieBrix, I can do much more. For example, I can change the web portal colors or flag keywords when certain conditions are met. This allows me to create alarms that are useful in guiding my team’s process.

How did PixieBrix stack up against other technologies you explored?

I have been looking for companies to develop custom browser extensions for me, but the confidential relationship between our partner and my company restricts me from providing access to any third party. Therefore, I needed a solution that I could implement myself. The ease of use of PixieBrix allowed me to develop everything internally, with no previous coding experience. And the solution was really quick to publish and deploy out to my team.

The ease of use of PixieBrix allowed me to develop everything internally, with no previous coding experience.

How did you use PixieBrix to address this specific challenge?

In our case, we have developed some alarms to help guide my team’s workflow, as well as automate certain manual steps in our partner’s internal web portal. In addition, I am currently working on a more sophisticated automation that integrates with our CRM.

Can you quantify the benefit or impact to your organization?

Huge. PixieBrix has completely changed my team’s workflow. As a result, I am expecting to increase our new customers revenue by 50% by helping us to attract new customers. And furthermore, PixieBrix is not about a specific number or metric, it’s about the freedom of customizing the web for you. This is critical to my team as we typically work in our partner’s software, which we have no ability to customize for our needs.

What about the implementation or success makes you most proud? Why?

Everyone on my team is successfully using the PixieBrix enhancements that I’ve built, and they’re using it daily. The team finds it very helpful and satisfying to be more productive with less tedious work. It really makes the job better for everyone. As a result, this encourages me to keep exploring PixieBrix’s technology and developing new and more sophisticated tools.



SanzPayá is a trade insurance broker that has been operating in the Spanish market since 1966. We are a customer-centric team, focused on establishing a long term relationship with our stakeholders. PixieBrix has allowed us to leverage technology in new ways, which is how we’ll continue to grow for years to come.

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