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AI chat wherever you work. Supports ChatGPT and other popular models to power research, brainstorming, and creative work. Supercharge your productivity!
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ChatGPT Anywhere

Intuitive chat interface
Ask questions in natural language and receive fast responses powered by generative AI. Save conversations and go back to them later to explore deeper and clarify information as needed.
Text and image results
Receive generative AI responses in both text and image form. Great for research, ideation, and exploring your creativity.
Chat from any app in the flow of work
Works on most web pages including Twitter, Zendesk, Gmail, and more. Copy responses to your clipboard or automatically insert at your cursor

Endless possibilities

Plug and play

PixieBrix can integrate with any LLM via API as long as the LLM is accessible to the user's browser or the PixieBrix API gateway.

Use any LLM under the hood

PixieBrix can integrate with any large language model (LLM) under the hood, including the most popular models like OpenAI, Anthropic, Claude, etc.

We don’t process your data

Send data locally from the web browser directly to the LLM you choose, without passing any data to PixieBrix’s servers.

Embed anywhere

Stop relying on external tools to drive innovation and change, use our AI assistant. Build an internal Copilot with PixieBrix and embed it in your existing internal tools to let users prompt AI and ChatGPT from any web app.

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Get started with PixieBrix to immediately use our low-code web app extension builder. Explore all the possibilities so you can work better, your way.