Process Intervention

Guardrails to Ensure Compliance

Trigger warnings and guidance to ensure rules and procedures are followed. Create an audit trail for any process. Eliminate expensive mistakes!
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Expensive mistakes eliminated

Warn the user when likely mistakes or suspicious behavior is detected
Watch for likely mistakes or suspicious behavior, and trigger popups and suggestions to proactively correct issues. Trigger based on typing certain words, exceeding a threshold, or other rules you define.
Alert team leaders when certain actions or suspicious behavior is detected
Trigger email or chat messages to team leaders if PixieBrix detects likely mistakes or suspicious behavior.
Guide users through processes the right way
Create product tours and decision trees to guide users through processes the way you intend.

Endless possibilities

Modify web app functionality

Disabling web app functionality for certain individuals or groups to avoid expensive actions (like hiding the “refund” button).

Create an audit log of user actions

Log user actions to a database to drive compliance.

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