Empower a better user experience for all

Our mission at PixieBrix is to give everyone superpowers to customize their own user experience while working with web applications and websites. Rather than accept technology as designed... design what you need!

How and why we started...

Todd Schiller and Michael Mirandi co-founded PixieBrix in 2020 following Todd’s first-hand experience with improving for himself the way he worked with software.

Todd was interning as an equities analyst, which required very repetitive, tedious work looking up numbers in a terminal and then re-typing them into a spreadsheet. Rather than spend his whole summer on data entry, he applied his computer science skills to coding a workflow to automate this work.

As a result, the original two-month body of work was completed in only one week (and he instead spent the rest of his summer enjoying World Cup Soccer on the office TV).

What we're building...

Years later, that experience became the inspiration for PixieBrix.

Given the right tools, even basic coding skills can translate into massive productivity gains and a better quality of life. Imagine that solution at scale so that more people could benefit? That’s why we chose to build PixieBrix.

Today, our low-code platform requires common coding skills to create customizations. In the future, any type of user will be able to create, mix, match, and scale customizations for the SaaS apps and web pages they use every day.

The PixieBrix Team

None of this is possible without our amazing people.

We’re proud to work with some of the best talent and creative thinkers across all areas of our business: engineering, design, customer delivery, and commercial operations.

We think they leave a lot of people in the dust… PixieBrix dust, that is!

Our Values

At PixieBrix, we celebrate our diversity and unique strengths. But we all share three key values:
Act inclusively as a single team by showing consistency in words and actions in all situations and at all times.
Confirm what’s important and why, then figure out and take the best course of action without being told.
Take smart risks to creatively solve problems that will make a real impact, and learn from both success and failure.

Open positions

Join the web app customization revolution! Learn more about current opportunities to become part of our talented decentralized team. Or contact us at [email protected] for related inquiries.
QA Automation Engineer (United States, Remote)
Senior Front-end Engineer (United States, Remote)