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Powering your daily journey

Supercharge core activities in your daily journey including search, communication, writing, and process execution.
Rapidly customize each solution to meet your team's unique needs.
Enterprise AI Search

Instant, Trusted Answers

Fetch trusted, relevant information from your knowledge base, shared drive, or other internal resource.
Answer questions more reliably and with greater ease.
Wow every customer!

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Team Announcements

Announcements That Never Get Missed

Push urgent updates to the browser so critical information doesn’t get lost in noisy chat tools or inboxes.
Ensure information is read and acknowledged.
Never miss a beat!

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Writing Assist

Make Everyone a Great Communicator

Your AI writing assistant to ensure clear, on brand, and error-free communication.
Avoid repetitive typing with pre-canned snippets.
Write like a pro!

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Process Intervention

Guardrails to Ensure Compliance

Trigger warnings and guidance to ensure rules and procedures are followed.
Create an audit trail for any process.
Eliminate expensive mistakes!

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Better Service, Happier Customers

To set the pace in CX, the TaskUs team required more intuitive, more informative, and purpose-built web interfaces for several key marquee clients – all with the goal of improving agent workflows while still ensuring customer satisfaction.


Agents Onboarded


Decrease in AHT


CSAT Improvement


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Businesses Run On PixieBrix

Enhanced Processing, Safer Communities

With PixieBrix, BusPatrol leverages automation to power its AI and quality control team to process a high volume of violations at industry-leading speed and accuracy.


Faster processing


clerical errors
PixieBrix In Logistics

Take The Busywork Out of Billing

Resolve Medical Bills deploys PixieBrix to increase the speed and accuracy of collecting mission critical data.


higher productivity


clerical errors
PixieBrix In Healthcare

Better Service, Happier Customers

To set the pace in CX, TaskUs partnered with PixieBrix toprocess and resolve transactions and inquiries faster, with higher accuracy, and with greater transparency.


agents onboarded


decrease in aht


csat improvement
PixieBrix In Contact Centers

Build Efficiency Into Everything

SanzPayá leverages PixieBrix to accelerate their customer-centric team, which is focused on establishing a long-term relationship with our stakeholders.


Increase in revenue
PixieBrix In Financial Services

Rapid development

No more recompiling or reloading — the point-and-click Page Editor provides instant feedback. PixieBrix comes with hundreds of pre-made bricks to extract, collect, transform, integrate, automate, modify, and display your data and applications. Or, create your own.

Businesses trust PixieBrix

Built for Enterprise Security and Scalability

Control Frameworks

SOC 2 accreditation for security, availability, and confidentiality. Continuous compliance monitoring via Drata. Regular CWS reviews.

Secure Architecture

Data processed on-device. Source-available code for transparency (dual-licensed). Web application firewall, and continuous app security monitoring.


Data encryption in transit with HTTPS and at rest via AES-256, block-level. Keys securely managed by Heroku and Cloudflare.


Secure access via SAML/SSO authentication. Role and group-based access control. Integrates with 3rd-party apps via OAuth2.

Vulnerability Scanning

We employ vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, static analysis, and continuous supply chain monitoring.


To ensure availability, we enable availability zone switching, continuous data backup, 24/7 on-call platform team, and DDoS protection.

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"PixieBrix helps companies achieve more with fewer developers and avoid the need for multiple expensive tools."

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